About Us

An epitome of expertise and service.

Experience Excellence

We Stand On the Foundation Of Loyalty And Trust​

For over three decades now, Maheshwari Group has been an insignia of trust, transparency, cutting-edge technology, and differentiated service in the Real Estate sector in Solapur and Pune. 

With an unwavering desire to deliver the quality you deserve, each hardworking individual at Maheshwari Group goes above and beyond to prioritize your satisfaction. An actionable, purpose-led ideal embedded in all our minds that have a significant bearing on our deliveries and our conduct.

Rooted in values, our growth and respectability have both been built on adherence to our vision, mission, and the six pillars we stand on, in all we do and deliver.

Our Vision

To create spaces that enhance the quality of life.
We are committed to ensuring that our offerings are revolutionary, ahead of the times, benchmarked against best global trends & practices, and built around our discerning customers’ needs.

Our Values

In letter and spirit, our brand pillars are embedded at the very core of who we are and what we stand for – not just in our deliveries but also in our everyday conduct. Our approach to work and all interactions with customers, vendors, channel partners, colleagues, and society at large is defined and enriched by our values:


Focus on achieving the best results by following set processes and constantly improving upon them.

Customer Centricity

Position the customer at the center of all that we do by committing to enhance their quality of life.


Work together towards a common goal by committing to support, respect, and communicate.

Passion for Innovation

Inculcate a drive to constantly improve existing standards to achieve excellence.


Connect personally and seamlessly with members within the organization, and stakeholders outside the organization therein fostering an environment of respect, trust, openness, knowledge sharing, and camaraderie.

Integrity & Transparency

Constantly act with honesty, fairness, forthrightness, and accountability.


Since 1991, Maheshwari Group is dedicated to creating manmade marvels. Much credit goes to its powerful and efficient team of dedicated individuals that mold innovative ideas to reality. Each one brings creativity, thought leadership and focus to the table.

Nandkishor Mundada

Managing Director

Nandkishor Mundada is a leader with a vision. He knows a good opportunity when he sees one. With his three decades of experience in the real estate industry, he has been calculative while taking risks and proven his worth every time. Mr. Mundada is a Civil Engineer who currently holds the position of Managing Director at the Maheshwari Group.

Sanjay Toshnival


Sharp. Tactful. Focused. Three qualities that describe Civil Engineer Sanjay Toshnival, the Director at the Maheshwari Group. He keeps a close check on the overall execution of our projects. More than three decades of experience has taught him the best techniques on how to allot his time and resources judiciously. He is looked upon as the most sought after expert in industrial work.

Devendra Mundada

Head of Business Development and Operations

Vigilant, focused, and dynamic – Devendra Mundada, the future of the Maheshwari Group, brings his fresh and futuristic perspective to the table. A Civil Engineer topped with a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Management and Development makes him an all-rounder. Continuing the legacy of creating architectural marvels and designs that make a difference, he mixes his new and innovative ideas with the expertise and quality that Maheshwari Group reflects.