Experience the perfect fusion of culture, tradition, and innovative designs through our exceptional
redevelopment projects in Pune and Solapur. 

Evolving with Elegance

We understand the evolving lifestyle needs of the city and strive to create spaces that seamlessly blend the old with the new. At Maheshwari Group, we recognize that redevelopments involve more than just modernizing spaces. Every residential or commercial building holds significant emotional value. Our approach to redevelopment ensures that we preserve what is essential, paying homage to the emotional significance of your property while preparing it for the future.


Our redevelopment process encompasses twelve crucial phases that progress seamlessly, from conceptualization to the occupancy of the new building. Each step is carefully planned and executed to ensure a successful development journey. The precise sequence of these stages is vital to achieving a well-designed and functional housing project.

Offer letter to the Society
Terms and conditions with the Society
Agreement with the Society
Sanction from PMC
Loading of TDR in the Society’s name
Obtaining the IOD
Shifting of the members
Demolition of the building
Obtaining the CC
Construction of the new building
Obtaining the OC & BCC
Shifting the old members
Stages Of REdevelopment

Standard Documents

Society Registration Certificate
Approved Building Plan
Conveyance Deed / Lease Deed / Sale Deed
Copy of Resolution by society members towards redevelopment
Documents / Deeds / Agreements etc. (As per the society’s plot)
List of members with their respective carpet areas
Property Card
D.P. Remark
Extract of 7/12
Search Report and Title Certificate
Index II
N.A. Order
Commencement Certificate
Occupation Certificate
Completion Certificate
Demarcation Old
Share Certificate (in case of Society)

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